We introduce to watch live view from Cesis city center

Live from one of the Latvian most beautiful city - Cesis (Wenden)

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New products from COCO Technology

Finally  ICS-1000 (Internet Control System) has arrived.

Control your COCO system wirelessly with your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone/tablet. Free "CoCoControl" app available, to control your COCO

receivers from anywhere in the world through the internet and at home via WiFi.

Free "CoCoControl" app available for iPad, iPhone and Android tablet/smartphone (Android 2.0 and higher).

You can buy here: COCO house automation.

Information and user manual here: COCO house automation information.

Module price only 150.00 EUR VAT included (21%)

Build house automation by yourself!

How does the COCO system work?

The COCO system consists of transmitters and receivers that you can use to control your lights, appliances and sun screens wirelessly (on/off, dim, open/close)
You can do this manually (with a remote control or wireless wall switch) or automatically (with a timer, wireless motion sensor or light sensor).
You can start with only 1 transmitter and 1 receiver and expand the system as you go by adding more transmitter or receivers. This way, you can increase the comfort in your home one step at a time.

User manuals, dowloads and other information in category INFORMATION

You can buy production on online store  COCO House automation

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